dedication every step of the way – our customers demand perfection and so do we. that’s why we have a 5 step process in operation which guarantees all primals are prepared in the same strict way ensuring all surrey farm beef has optimum tenderness and eating quality.

Step 1

Surrey farm beef is carefully chilled down and subjected to our patented Ultra- Tender™ process before cutting. This award winning process is proven to ensure Surrey Farm beef has optimum tenderness and eating quality before our skilled craft butchers carefully cut and prepare each primal.

Step 2

Carcasses are selected & hand batched according to confirmation, size, weight, & fat levels. This ensures consistency in steak sizing & flavour.

Step 3

Our skilled butchers then trim the cuts to an exact specification ensuring each piece has the correct level of fat and can be easily steaked with minimal yield loss in the kitchen.

Step 4

Each primal is carefully templated and hand selected based on fat cover and marbling by our quality supervisor; this further insures consistency for our clients.

Step 5

Each piece of surrey farm beef is carefully checked one final time to ensure every primal is consistent and then it’s packed and sent off to the maturation chillers. Each case has an individual outer label indicating when it entered the maturation chillers & customers need only reference this upon delivery to guarantee the beef has been matured for the full 21days.