Consistency is key - We understand our clients want a range of delicious premium steak cuts that are reliably tender and have just the right amount of flavour every time. We guarantee this by employing two important methods. Firstly, we use our patented Ultra-Tender™ process and secondly, we carefully hand select each primal piece after cutting.

Ultra-Tender ™ – is a trademark held by ABP. The mark signifies the application of a five step process developed and, in part, patented by ABP. Ultra-Tender™ is not one part of a process, it is the sum of all five parts that creates Ultra-Tender™ beef. It consists of the following…

Grass Fed For Purity

Our procurement specialists are focused on optimising the best British beef farmers have to offer, year round. We specialise in sourcing livestock from farms across England which have grazed on natural pasture grass in the summer and in winter we focus on finding those animals with winter diets consisting of a high percentage of grass silage.

Prime Cattle Selected

Since the outset, Carcass selection has been a matter of huge importance to us. We believe that the key is to assess customer’s requirements and carefully select the optimal carcass type before applying our patented process, custom chilling & maturation to prepare each of our premium brands.

BRC Approved Factories

We pride ourselves on ensuring that each of our factories meets the highest standards when it comes to hygiene, equipment and skilled staff. This allows us to hang, chill, pack and mature our beef in a safe clean and modern environment which ensure our premium branded cuts can mature and improve in a traditional fashion before reaching our customers.

Patented Process

In the 1980’s AIBP pioneered and patented a process of hanging the carcass which is scientifically proven to increase tenderness and consistency as well as eating quality in beef. This patented process increases the natural breakdown of muscle fibres in each carcass while it hangs and matures prior to de-boning.

Custom Chilling & Maturation

Aligned to the patented hanging process we created a method of sympathetically chilling carcasses post slaughter to prevent “cold shortening” and further guarantee that we produce beef which customers can rely on, for a consistent & tender taste.

Award Winning Beef

After the Ultra-Tender™ process has been applied we move on to cutting and selection. Our online grader ensures that only the choicest cuts, with just the right amount of fat cover and marbling, are packed for maturation in the Surrey Farm brand.